the where, the what & the how

You have the ring, you’ve chose the date, now WHERE to get married?

At the event palette we know that brides have so many choices now as oppposed to even 10 years ago.  Churches, civic centers, old homes, barns, pastures, old buildings, beach, mountains, resorts, ships….the list just goes on and on.  2015 began the “rustic barn” craze- haybales, mason jars, burlap and sunflowers took over! By 2017, brides were looking for a twist on the rustic look – add in lace, colored glass, bud vases and call it Rustic Vintage.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Just by changing some of the details you are able to create “Your Own” design avoiding the Cookie Cutter experience!  A common statement brides say to me when we are talking is that they have all these ideas but they don’t know what to do with them.  That’s understandable!  When I got married, my choice of looking and dreaming was the bridal magazine.  I had my inspiration board hanging on the wall with clippings of flowers, venue, colors, cakes, all the details for my dream wedding.  I didn’t know the first thing about putting it all together or even where to start.  Event planners were not common and most brides got married in their church and had the reception there as well.  Cake, punch, nuts, mints and the occaisional meatball and chicken fingers if you were going fancy.  Three of my best friends also got married the same year I did and honestly, you just changed the colors and the rest was pretty much the same.  Today’s bride is looking to experience her dream wedding that reflects what she and her fiance are all about.  When choosing a location, think about time of year ( cold, hot, rainy, windy)  and number of guest that will be attending.  Does the venue fit?  Are you going to have to make it fit?  Is that a big deal to you?

Say WHAT?!!!             Planner

There are tons of What’s in wedding planning!  What do I do next?…is probably the scariest one!  I am biased on this question.  I would advise hiring a wedding planner.  Think about it.  You are excited, that feeling doesn’t need to change to stress.  You need to ENJOY being a bride to be, getting to pick out things for your wedding. A planner will be able to help you narrow your options and give you advice that is objective.  They are your “go to” when you are getting pressure from other people.  They will review contracts and make sure to handle details on your wedding day so you can ENJOY !(there’s that word again : )

How to begin?

Ask for referrals? Social Media is highly effective when asking for recommendations.  A lot of legitimate wedding planners are using social media to market their talents.  For 25 years I used referrals as my only way of marketing.  When social media became such a popular way to inexpensively market myself and make it easier to keep overhead cost down, I found that my business could grow as much and as fast as I wanted it to. I could reach brides that needed our help and the brides could see pictures of weddings that we had planned.  Susan and I love to show off our work, we know that it’s in the details and most importantly, it’s your wedding to ENJOY!    It still amazes me when someone contacts me and says we were recommended on facebook or they saw where someone posted how great their wedding was because of  Natalie and Susan at the event palette! , Pinch me I must be dreaming~ So, one way you can begin is to check out the event palette ,set up a meeting with us, find out how great it feels to let a professional help you with the details.

“Ring” in the New Year 2018

So your third finger on your left hand is sparkling!!!!  Your heart is fluttering with excitement at the thought of getting married.  Now what to do….first breathe….then start with hiring an event planner/coordinator.  It seems like it might be extra money that could be used for something else, but is there really a price on peace of mind?  The worst thing a planner can overhear or be told is “I wish I had not tried to do this myself!”  Save yourself ….hire a professional.   Get references, and meet with them in person.   You have to have a connection with your planner, you have to be able to trust them to do what’s right for you.   It will be worth it, I promise!  

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Welcome to our new blog!

Gosh!  It’s been a busy season in 2017 and despite our efforts, this was the first post we could actually complete!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday and if a ring is what you were looking and hoping for, we hope you got your wish ❤ .  We are excited for 2018 and the wedding season it brings.   Follow our blog and you will find helpful tips, ideas and most of all pretty pictures for ideas.  Come by downtown Commerce, GA and visit our store  the event palette and like our FaceBook page too!   May the year bring you happiness and love and may we be a part of it!

~wishes,  Natalie & Susan